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Self Defense 

The name of our true self defense is Gemart Special Close Defense.
These style focused in  daily unease situation of urban life, threaten from any kind of criminals out or in door. 
these style including:
- Istintive training reaction self defense 
- technics in any kind of situations 
- knowledge of the behavior, body language, emotional scale and emotional handle. 

En Shin Ryu Ju Jitsu 

En (meaning the circle)
Shin (meaning Heart and Spirit)
These Koryu are the arts of modern and traditional ju jitsu hold together.
This style focused in complete martial art supporting to the best mental condition training, physical building, Ki energy set-up and many combination of technics realized by the long Soke experience. 

En Shin Ryu Bu Jutsu 

The old martial arts are called "Koryū" (古流, meaning old style) and "kobudō" (古武道, meaning ancient martial arts) of Japan. These are the arts used on the field of battle, developed and used by the historical samurai. 

Bujutsu comes from the word "bu" (武 meaning  war or martial) and "jutsu" (術:じゅつ), meaning technique. 
Thus bujutsu can be read as "science of war" or "martial craft". It is nothing less than a complete study of the arts of war and combat.
In the Koryu of the En Shin Ryu we use traditional and modern weapon to give complete study of Bu.
- Swords 
- Knifes 
- Spear 
- Ropes
- Stick (Tan-bo, Han-bo, Bo, Jo)
- Tonfa
- Kobutan 
- Congo 
- Guns