Soke Gesualdi Emanuele 


Master Gesualdi Emanuele,  international  representative of the Isreali College for Security and Investigation  I.C.S.I  - technical international representative of Anti Terrorism and Bodyguard of the World Krav Maga Association WKMA ltd UK. - Official Member of Yamauè ryu Family Japan - Official Member of  I.M.C.F Yokoyama - National CSEN-CONI representative of Gemart ju jitsu. 

Master Gesualdi Emanuele was born on the 5th October 1974 in Macerata in the Marche region in Italy. In his autobiography, talking about his life, he says: From an early age I was passionate of martial art’s films and cartoons. My innate ability pushed me to replicate the techniques I saw in the films  on my own  and with friends. Thanks to my mother, a passionate of yoga and oriental arts, the day of my fifth birthday, in 1979, I enrolled at the judo and Ju Jitsu  school of Master 6th Dan Giorio Adone, at the "Samurai" Gym Macerata. 
This first experience was essential  to the development of my personality, as  it allowed me to find my inner balance. I started to build for myself the relationship between discipline and martial arts, an essential combination of my physical and psychological training. I stopped practicing Judo and Ju Jitsu  in 1982 and I didn’t  attended any school of martial arts until 1985, but my passion for martial arts was not sleeping ; infact  I fighted  with my cousin David and I organized mini fighting games with my friends just  for fun. In 1985, won by the desire to learn more about martial arts, I started at the gym "Robbys Club" in Macerata, the course of "Kung Fu Burmese and Jeet Kune Do" held  by the Master 3rd Dan Di Marco Antonio (said Tonino) and his Master 6th Dan Romeo Zampetti. In the same year I began the practice of yoga with Master Enzo Sanguigni in Ancona and my mother Katia Lucarini. 

Until 1989 I practiced assiduously Kung Fu for 3 times a week after school from 2 pm  to 10 pm  for 3 consecutive levels. In the remaining four days  I used to train privately  Ninjutsu using the techniques of a Japanese Master who came from time to time to my region. I would have resumed Ninjutsu a few years  later at the Samurai gym with  a teacher who came from Rimini with personal lessons, Shidoshi Fabio Rutigliano He was a direct student of Shi Han Enzo Rossi Milan Bujinkan Ninjutsu. Later I also attended some seminar of his Master  in Milan. Later on  in the Ninjutsu sector I attended several seminars in Taranto with Soke Fumon tanaka (Iga ryu, Hanbo Jutsu, kuji Kiri, Ken Jutsu etc.). Even if  apparently with little experience, in 1990 I decided to start the teaching of my first course of Ninjutsu and Kung Fu in the “Funcy Club”gym in Macerata (Via Roma). This mix of disciplines had immediately a marked success as demonstrated by the frequency of 30 students who diligently and with great dedication, frequented for over two years my course. I  was a minor, but the owner  covered me in case of  problems. But I was not satisfied! I felt the need to involve more people and to seek a discipline that was adequate to a larger range of individuals, regardless of sex, age and physical abilities. With the help of my assistant "Fabrizio Aportone" and with the partnership of "Funcy Club"  I opened, in that same gym, the first research center of martial arts and anti crime, called WAKO (World Antiterrorism Kombat Organization). In those years, and until 1993, even if many people appreciated  my potential, I teached  mainly in private to friends and, only thanks to my passion for sport, in a small underground room in the house of my parents. Due to my  age or to some of my friends who I frequented during the weekends, I often was involved in street brawls who, even though unpleasant, left me a real experience.

In 1993 I was called for military service in the  Italian Air Force, where I served my obligations at the Palmaria island of La Spezia. I had the fortune to being trained by a team of real professionals, the "Navy Seals", who surrounded twice the island with their submarines to test their bombs. During the weekends they used to train themselves on the island switching between workouts and a few beers and entertainment. 
 After military service, in 1994, I opened a school of Kung Fu - ju jitsu and  Ninjutsu in Petriolo (MC) with a group of 12 athletes, but I continued feeling the necessity to increase my knowledge. That’s the reason why, suggested by the owner of the gym in Petriolo, I started to study Psychology. Contemporarely At the same time I started another Kung Fu and Ninjutsu course in my place in Macerata, naming my mixed style “Kick of Fury” . In that period and with the help of two of my most advanced students we opened six schools. In June 1996, through a friend of my brother I was contacted by some people coming from East Grinstead in West Sussex, England, who asked me if I would like to enlist in their security department. Thinking that they were joking, I said I had no problem to go and change my way of living, despite the big changes my life would go through. Three days later, during a nap before work, somebody rang the door and told me to get out. Opening the door I faced a pretty girl wearing a uniform, with a suitcase in her hand and intense blue eyes, she seemed to be Italian, but spoke with an English accent. After a few minutes of suspense, I realized that the phone call a few days before was not a joke, that girl had come specifically to recruit me and had to do so within 48 hours of time. So, thanks to my young ignorance, without any "but" or "however" I accepted and I left everything, collection of knives, weapons of any kind, and left for England. For security reasons I am not allowed to talk about the details of that experience, but it was for me shocking and important at the same time.

 It was during my stay in England, between studies and trainings, that I met the french master 3rd Dan Renan who taught me the Koga Ninjutsu techniques, ju jitsu  and Indonesian Silat, and I showed him some techniques of Kung fu . Thanks to this affinity we created a public show that had an unexpected success, as it was filmed by a local TV station. During my stay (if it can be defined like that) in England I began to develop, also thanks to their technology, a new self-defense system and a complete martial art. But to finish my work the experience I had up to that moment was not enough and I could not stay on that basis, so I decided to go back to Italy. I immediately started the  Aikido Iwama Ryu school with Master Fiorenzo Principi and Dr. Paolo Corallini 7th Dan in the same gym where in 1980 I practiced judo and Ju Jitsu. At the same time, in a room in my house I teached my own method, starting to mix different Aikido techniques and ju jitsu.

In April 1998 I opened my first Dojo in Corridonia (MC) with a partner as owner of the building, giving a name to my martial art: Kawakido, composed of Aikido, Kung Fu and Ninjitsu and Ju Jitsu. 
 I finished the study of Iwama Ryu Aikido with the last seminar before the death of Soke Sensei Morihiro Saito in Ostia, Rome. Because of the the pressing dissenses externated by some martial art “guru” close to my place, I was forced to close my Dojo due to incompatibility between Kawakido and Aikido. I started to demonstrate the efficacy of my method and this caused a lot of negative comments and criticisms from those who turned martial arts into a purely economic question, completely in contrast with the right spirit. In 1999, during a demonstration of my system to reach the Level of 2°Dan of Kung Fu at the Palasport in Belforte del Chienti (MC), Master Gaetano Specialist in Judo and Ju Jitsu was  the organizer of the event, presented me to the Commission and gave me the possibility to meet Master Roberto Deronzi 7°Dan of Ju Jitsu and Krav Maga, who invited me to continue my studies in his Federation ACSAM-EIKO-IBBSA in Taranto. I was very happy to accept the offer and going once a month during the weekend to Taranto, I started my formation in various styles: Ju Jitsu (World Ju Jitsu Federation) with Soke Robert Clark,  Ninjutsu and self defense. In one of those meetings Master Roberto asked me to learn Krav Maga TDKM with IBSSA, a system of Hebrew self defence unknown in Italy. I asked about the origins of this system and the Master told me that during his studies in Hungary he captured the bases of this new style which he re-elaborated it in his own way. He called this style TDKM. I started this new experience full of enthousiasm, but at the same time I had the opportunity to practice various styles and participate, in the same federation, with other important Masters, such as Soke Robert Clark, the founder of WJJF in England, Shike Bertoletti, president of WJKO, Soke Tanaka Fumon Japan Kenjutsu and Ninjutsu, Jonny Lenskis Belgium Aikijutsu Hakko Ryu, Shi Han Nicolas Romano WJJF Spain and other instructors of Kobudo, MMA, free fighting and kick boxing. In the same period, in a tennis gym in Macerata, I started a course of Shaolin Kung Fu enriched also with my Self Defence course called SDO (Self Defense Organization). In that same period I also started a Kick of Fury in Macerata in the Gym of Via dei Velini, combining this course with the self defense course that I called SDO. I was having a lot of different martial art styles around me with different points of view and accents. And as usual I was missing that detail that would define method in a real war machine.

In 2003 I saw in the newspaper an article about an upcoming event of Qi Gong and Shaolin Kung, held by the warrior Monk of the Shi Xing Hong’s 32th generaltion, called “The Tiger of the Temple”. It’s one of the most famous Monks, often present in television programs and in videos on YouTube. After the stage, despite the presence of many other participants, he approached me and asked me about who I was and the style I practiced. Astonished, I asked him the reason of his interest in my person among lots of other persons. And he answered, with his charismatic and mystic way of doing, that in the stage of spiritual awareness he had reached, he was able to see the energy of people and the colors of the Aurea to deduct the skills and emotions of the persons he met. After this presentation, as in a Hollywood movie, I decided to follow a new path with him to the European Shaolin Chan Wu Temple, located near a big and dense forest near Dobokoku, a 2000meters high mountain in Hungary. Pushed by the Italian Federation, I reached the Monk with the president and his team. An daily early rise surrounded by the mountains and totally taken and concentrated by the intense practice of Qi Gong and Taiji Quan. A nice awakening. Hungarian breakfast, a short break and then another race back up the mountains, followed by a strong Sanda training, all repeated exclusively uphill. Lunch break with Chinese food, followed by a small afternoon  nap and new and intense bare hands and weapon’s training  until dinner around 7 o’clock pm. After dinner, those who were still able to move could repeat the technicques of the day, others practiced meditation or talking all together by the moonlight. At 10 o’clock pm all lights were turned off and the only sound became the nocturnal animals of the forest. Despite the pain and the fatigue of that experience, those 2 weeks have been very important for me, not only to deal with great warriors, but also to measure my strength and improve my experience. At the end of the second week of hard and extreme training, we had the final verdict with exams. I entered the Dojo in a wooden structure, typically oriental. In front of me the world commission composed of the Monk Chan Wu Shi Xing Hong, the president of the Italian Federation Della Vecchia, the Monk Duan Zhi Chao 8 time world champion of Wushu and Taiji,the Hungarian represent and 9 times world champion of Sanda and Muay Thai, and other Hungarian Master Experts. My students were watching me from the windows wishing me good luck and inciting me to represent Italy in the best possible way. I was trained and used to challenges. I walked towards the table with determination, and after greeting the jury the Monk asked me to do a set of 18 principles, which I performed with a great energy. At the end he asked me other bear hand forms: Kung Fu Quan, Tong Bei, Luohan, all rather intense and difficult forms. At that point I started to feel tired, but the boldness helped me and allowed me to perform some forms with the stick. The jury, that seemed fueled by my performance, kept asking me forms and techniques, including Sanda fighting techniques. Exhausted and tired I thought that we were at the last part of the exam, when the Monk asked another Italian student to fight with a Hungarian student; he refused and whispered that I could do it in his place. I accepted the challenge, even if my body refused. The chosen adversary stood up from the seat of the jury: it was the Hungarian world champion. The challenge started as usual, bear handed and without any protection or rules. I felt like fighting against the mountains. The lack of breath and the tiredness were not allowing my body to use efficient techniques. After a few minutes of fighting, helped by proud, boldness and the desire to win, I hit him with a straight punch on his sternum leaving him without oxygen, I won the mountain! I took him and projected him on the floor, and we started a street fight that I won. The monk interrupted the challenge and I heard the applause behind me, I had been able to pass the test giving a slap in the face to whom never believed in my warrior’s abilities. The event ended with a beautiful Buddhist ceremony marking my introduction in their family with the 4° degree of Shi Hen. Back in Italy I continued teaching Shaolin Kung Fu, Taiji Quan, Qi Gong and Sanda helping the Italian Federation in Vicenza. 

Once a month I went to Vicenza for training and once a week I continued my studies with the Italian Maestro Drago Salvatore close to home. Often I invited the Monk Shi Xing Hong in Italy for various seminars and, when I could, I went back to Hungary to continue my formation. I started a path of Shaolin Kung Fu and Wu dang in Cordenon with Monk Wang Shao Song and practiced in some of his seminars. We participated in several Italian Sanda championships and each time more and more successful, we were also present in the RAI program called UNO MATTINA.  The school in Marche grew quickly. In 2006 I continued going to Vicenza to help the Italian federation but also here, due to some disagreements, I decided to leave giving up on Shaolin Kung Fu. I went back to the ACSAM federation of Taranto following the paths that I preferred for years and that would finally be usefull for the creation of my system, thanks to the world-famous Masters: Hashita cqc with Israeli founder Eli Leffler, Krav Maga TDKM, self defense, Budo Sports Game , Tonfa, Baton Police and Ju Jutsu with Roberto Deronzi (WJJF, EIKO, CSEN, IBSSA), Ju Jitsu and Kenjutsu with Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti (WJJKO), Aikido Hakko Ryu Jonny Lenskis Belgium (EIKO), Ju Jutsu, cqc and Krav Maga with Spanish Jesus Potrero (EIKO), Ninjutsu and Kenjutsu with Japanese Fumon Tanaka, Ju Jutsu with Spanish Nicolas Romano (WJJF), Street Fight and MMA with a Sicilian Master and many others. Meanwhile in my school of Macerata I teached my self defense system called Gemart in 2005, an acronym for Gesualdi Emanuele Martial Art, as result of what I started in 1996 in England. All this experience and popularity helped me to present my Gemart system and make it recognize by the federation of Taranto, but Master Deronzi refused this recognition, so I left the federation entering in the federation of Deronzi’s Master Bertoletti, with WASI Pavia. From this federation I received recognition by the Israeli State College I.C.S.I (Israeli College for Security and investigation) as Grand Master Teacher 10th Dan and founder of Gemart and technical delegate of the Hashita Israeli system for the central and south Italy. I also received, from the Japanese Tanaka family, the degree of Soke 10th Dan of Suekan Shinpo Ryu Ninjutsu, my Ninjutsu style. I started the training course once a month in Casteggio (PV) with Hashita, Krav Maga and Spetsnaz Global with the founder and Russian General Soke Vladimiras Lisicynas. One day I received by mail a letter from Israel by Leffler saying that I was not a Hashita instructor and that if I wanted I had to go to him in Israel. Armed with patience I scanned the certificate of graduating with the rank of instructor Hashita signed by himself and by Bertoletti sending it by e-mail to him to prove their neglect and disrespect. At that time I requested several times to Master Bertoletti to give me the opportunity to go to State College of Israel to follow a  Bodyguard course, but each time he refused the request. So I sent an email directly to I.C.S.I,  and the answer was  that they did not have an italian delegate, and  that I could go whenever I wanted. So I left WASI and went to Israel to follow the Bodyguard course. At the end of the course, the President Zeev Gefen remembering me from the various demonstrations of Taranto, gave me the exclusive license as Italian technical delegate 9th dan of Krav Maga, Gemart and Bodyguard. In 2008 I began to attend the Tenchi Bogyo Ryu Aikido and Spetsnaz Global courses for two times a year in Vilnius Lithuania held by the founder and General Lisicynas, who also quit the WASI system. Soke Lisicynas gave me, beside the various Dan, an exclusive license agreement to organize courses in Italian as a technical delegate and to form the Italian federation FIATBR and Spetsnaz FISG. In 2011 I went back to Israel to follow Antiterrorism courses and I became Italian technical delegate also for this sector, dedicating it to the armed forces. In the same year I met 3 times the Master of FCS Kali Ray Dionaldo from California to expand the knowledge of daggers and sticks. In the same year I had the opportunity to meet Master Alfonso Torregrossa of the Israeli Krav Maga Federation and Ju Jutsu in Sicily and it born a good friendship. I saw the experience of Master Torregrossa and I awarded the rank of 7th Dan Krav Maga of the Israeli colleges. One of my last trips in Lithuania was important not only to get the degree of Shi Han 6th Dan Aikido Tenchi Bogyo Ryu, but also to get to know the Master Han Shi 9th Dan Claudio Artusi. Claudio was at the dojo of Lisicyna to give students the Lithuanians can Hakko Ryu Ju Jutsu. The result is an intense and loyal friendship with Artusi. I started to attend his training courses once a month in Venice for Ju Jutsu and Krav Maga and he helped me to get recognition from Japan of my martial art Ge Jutsu Ryu (Gemart) In this occasion, I founded the World Federation of Ge jutsu WGJF (Ge jutsu World Federation). At the beginning of 2013, with the help of Master Artusi, I started studying also with Soke Masashi Yokoyama, reaching the rank of Hakko Ryu Aiki jutsu. Another highlight of my martial art’s career, when the Soke Masashi gave me the rank of 6th Dan Aikido dall'IMCF (International Federation of Martial Art Culture) in Japan, handing the Kirigami as a member of his family. In June 2013 I decided to start a new course and to call my kung fu school Bai Shaolin (White shaolin), resuming contacts and collaboration with Maestro Salvatore Drago, with Shi Xing Hong Monaco and his student, with monk Liu Peng. In this new Academy there are so many different courses: traditional Shaolin kung fu, Shaolin modern Wushu, Sanda, Taiji Quan, Qi Gong, Tui Na, Qin Na, culture and meditation Chan (Zen), Gemart special close defense, Krav Maga, Koroho, Hakko Ryu Aiki jutsu, world Ju jutsu, Ninjutsu, Aikido Kawaikido, MMA, Ge jutsu, SuidoYoga. On October 5th, 2013, thanks to the cooperation and the increasing strong and respectful friendship between me and Marshal Italo Passamonte, I fund the new association Emau (European Martial Arts University), with several seats throughout Europe with the objective to spread the knowledge and the true spirit of martial arts : training individuals with the purest human values. In 2014, I resumed the training of Jiu Jitsu with the World Ju Jitsu Federation Australia, under the supervision of Alan Campbell and Soke Stefano Mancini Livorno obtaining the 5th degree Dan and becoming the responsible for the Marche region WJJF aus and JJKI. Due to logistic reasons, Soke Gesualdi closes EMAU. On  October 5th, 2014 he founds the Gemart System dividing it into three sections: modern techniques for street self defense (Krav Maga),  traditional techniques with the essence of martial arts he studied incorporating weapons and fights (Ju Jitsu), and Yoga Suido inner techniques Hypnomeditation. The Soke’s motto is: everything mutates, everything changes. In collaboration with Maestro Claudio Artusi,  Master Gesualdi brings his teachings in the various international internships of multi martial arts in Venice with the presence of more than 800 students, but also in Jamaica, London, Israel, Spain, UK, Mexico ... . in 2015 Master Gesualdi Emanuele founds KMM (Krav Maga Marche) to gather and spread the Krav Maga throughout the region and wherever the teachings of the Master are accepted. In December 2015 he goes to London in England by Master Alex Parris founder of the World Krav Maga Association to teach with federal teachers and becomes technical responsible of the International WKMA. In September 2016, joined to the WKMA UK LTD he creates WKMA Team Gesualdi to spread, beside the official syllabus, also his own technical program based on his 37 years of experience. On January 8th, 2017 he goes to England to teach to the English WKMA instructors and the President Alex Parris confers him the degree of International Manager of Anti Terrorism. In February 2017 after seeing some videos on facebook of the Israeli Idan Abolink he contacts him telling him that many of techniques performed by him are similar to Gemart and invites him to keep a seminar in Belforte del Chienti. Beside the success of the internship they become friends. Idan repeats his idea, being that the krav maga techniques are outdated and not real that I didn’t make sense to carry them out only for the name. That’s why  I resumed my original Gemart Special Close Defence system at the right moment, just  when the Olympic Committee decided to remove the krav maga from the register of recognized disciplines.
Sensei Gesualdi Emanuele enter in Soke Keido Yamaue school and onorate membership of these Clan. Yamaue give him the recognized from Japan of the En Shin Ryu Soke Gesualdi Emanuele and he open a new Logo and school:
World ju Jitsu Institute with 40 years martial arts experience. 
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